Laboratory: Harwell

BP: 4520 Std: 80

Delta 13C value -25.2 Delta 13C standard deviation None given

Sample Material: charcoal Sample Material Comment: quercus sp., from large timbers

Feature Type: enclosure Feature: from bank outwork ditch 2, fill of F8: dark brown-black soil with granular chalk and flint, grittier at edges, looser and more loamy at centre, browner and more compact at a depth of c 120mm; the feature contained char coal and unabraded sherds.

Culture: Neolithic Phase: n/a

Site: Hambledon Hill Country Subdivision: Dorset Country: United Kingdom

Approved: true Right: public


Jordan, David and Haddon-Reece, David and Bayliss, Alex, Radiocarbon dates: from samples funded by English Heritage and dated before 1981 (1994).

Mercer, Roger J, Hambledon Hill: A neolithic landscape (1980).

Mercer, Roger J, A Neolithic fortress and funeral center. Scientific American 252, 1985, 94--101.


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