NamePhases14C dates
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BakunASPRO 9, Bakun early and n/a2Show
Bell BeakerAOO beaker, Epi-maritimer Typ, Maritimer Typ, Maritimer Typ (s. remark), Maritimer Typ 2Ia, Typ 2IIb, Typ Veluwe, Typ Veluwe 2Ic/d, Typ Veluwe 2Id, Typ Veluwe 2Ie, Typ Veluwe 2If, and n/a613Show
Bernburg culturen/a62Show
BoianIV, Spantov4Show
Dark Faced Burnished Waren/a2Show
Erimi culturen/a13Show
Funnelbeaker culture / southern groupn/a1Show
Goldberg IIIn/a34Show
HelladicEarly Helladic I, Early Helladic II, Early Helladic III, Late Helladic I, Late Helladic II, Late Helladic III, Middle Helladic, Middle Helladic I, Middle Helladic II, and Middle Helladic III33Show
Horgen culturen/a166Show
Iblis1-2, 2, Bard Sir, 4, Aliabad, and 4-5, Aliabad-Mashiz14Show
Kechi Begn/a4Show
Middle Neolithic II / Neolithique moyen IIn/a93Show
Presesklo/ Vorsesklon/a4Show
Aegean Early Neolithicn/a2Show
Torre Culture0Show
Prelusatian culture (Vorlausitzer Kultur)0Show