NamePhases14C dates
81-100 / 285 show all
Artenacian culturen/a26Show
Boyne/Brú na Bóinnen/a1Show
Bükk cultureearly and n/a1Show
ChasséenProto-Chasseen and n/a5Show
Coţofeni cultureI, II, III, and n/a7Show
EL-Argar culturen/a3Show
Single Grave culture (Einzelgrabkultur)1a, 1a/1c, 1b, 1d, 1e, Ground grave period, Ground grave period (?), Lower grave period, Lower grave period ?, Single Grave/Corded Ware, Single Grave?, Upper grave period, n/a, and transition Bodengrab - Upper grave period211Show
EneolithicEarly Transcaucasian III, Hasanlu VII, Eneolithic, Uruk, ASPRO 8 or 9, Ubaid, Dalma, Pisdeli, Hasanlu VIII, Neolithic, Eneolithic, Neolithic, Eneolithic, Shulaveri-Shomu, Period I, and n/a12Show
Epipaleolithiclate Epipalaeolithic and n/a34Show
Gumelniţa cultureA2, early (A), and n/a16Show
PersianPersian Period2Show
SchönfeldAmmenslebener group and n/a4Show
Vinča cultureA, A/B, B, B-C, B1, B2, B2/C, C, C/D, Vinca-Plocnik, Vinca D, Vinca-Plocnik, Vinca IV and D, Supska 2/1, Vinca-Plocnik, Vinca IV, Supska 2/1, Vinca-Turdas, early, late (D), n/a, and older151Show
Wartberg culturen/a, older, and younger165Show
Andronovo culture0Show