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Amri Groupn/a2Show
Chalcolithic/Bronze Agen/a18Show
Funnelbeaker culture / northern groupEarly Neolithic, Early Neolithic I, Early Neolithic I (Oxie), Early Neolithic I (Svaleklint), Early Neolithic I (Volling), Early Neolithic I-Middle Neolithic II, Early Neolithic I-Middle Neolithic II?, Early Neolithic II, Early Neolithic II (Fuchsberg), Early Neolithic II (Virum), Early Neolithic II (Virum)-Middle Neolithic II, Early Neolithic II-Middle Neolithic II, Early Neolithic Ia, Early Neolithic Ib, Early Neolithic?, Funnel Beaker culture / Pitted Ware culture (GRK) F I, Middle Neolithic, Middle Neolithic A II, Middle Neolithic A II-V, Middle Neolithic A/B, Middle Neolithic B, Middle Neolithic I, Middle Neolithic I-II, Middle Neolithic I-III, Middle Neolithic I/II, Middle Neolithic I?, Middle Neolithic II, Middle Neolithic III, Middle Neolithic III-IV, Middle Neolithic III?, Middle Neolithic IV, Middle Neolithic IV/V, Middle Neolithic Ia, Middle Neolithic Ib, Middle Neolithic V, Middle Neolithic V / Pitted Ware culture (GRK), Middle Neolithic V / Pitted Ware culture? (GRK?), Middle Neolithic VI/V, late, n/a, transition Early Neolithic - Middle Neolithic I, transition Ertebølle - Early Neolithic I, transition Middle Neolithic - Yonger Neolithic, and younger1063Show
Ghassulian culturen/a6Show
Halaf cultureHalaf early, ASPRO 6, Halaf late, ASPRO 7, pre Ubaid, Halaf mitte, ASPRO 7, pre Ubaid, Halaf, ASPRO 7, pre Ubaid, Halaf, ASPRO 8, Amuq D-E, Halaf, Neolithique moyen (Byblos), ASPRO 7, Halaf, Neolithique recent (Byblos), Amuq C, ASPRO 7, Halaf, Ubaid, ASPRO 8/9, and late-Halaf, ASPRO 733Show
HinkelsteinI, I-II, II, and n/a13Show
Incised Ware / Tiefstichkeramikn/a11Show
St Ponsn/a20Show
Lihult culturen/a6Show
Michelsberg cultureGroupe de Chaudardes (Michelsberg IV), I, I or II, II, II and III, II/III, III, III or later (phases Spiennes II and III), III-V, III/IV, IV, V, V?, mining Neolithic "Spiennes I and II", and n/a199Show
Middle Neolithic I / Neolithique moyen In/a22Show
Peu-Richard culture / Culture de Peu-Richardn/a51Show
Tumulus culture (Hügelgräberbronzezeit)Tumulus Bronze Age A, Tumulus Bronze Age B, Tumulus Bronze Age C, Tumulus Bronze Age C1, Tumulus Bronze Age C2, Tumulus Bronze Age D, and n/a37Show
Vučedol culturen/a4Show
Terramare culture0Show